Global Strategy


In the field of equipment manufacturing, General Technology Group actively implements the strategy of building a strong manufacturing country, regards high-end CNC machine tools as the primary core business, and bears the heavy responsibility of developing and strengthening the entire machine tool field of the country. It has successively created a series of "firsts" in China, including the first lathe, drilling machine, boring machine, and domestically produced CNC machine tools, making important contributions to China's industrialization and modernization construction.


In the future, the company will fully leverage the role of the "national team" in the machine tool industry, optimize industrial layout and product structure, improve the scientific and technological innovation system, focus on promoting advanced industrial foundation and modernization of the industrial chain, achieve high-level technological self-reliance, and serve to build a new development pattern. At the same time, we will comprehensively layout the global market, establish strategic partnerships with customers from various countries around the world, actively promote localized product sales, establish a machine tool export base with the largest variety of products, the widest range of service fields, and comprehensive technical capabilities in China, and create a world-class high-end machine tool equipment group with independent core technology and global competitiveness, providing solid support for the strategy of serving as a manufacturing powerhouse.