Talent Development

Talent Concept
What we do is not just to make gold shine

Talent is the most precious resource for enterprises and one of the decisive factors for whether they can win the initiative in competition. Excellent talents are an important component of an enterprise and play an extremely important role in its development. General-purpose technology Group Dalian Machine Tool Co., Ltd. advocates the management concept of "people first". Our human resources development work has always adhered to the talent concept of "respecting people, cultivating people, and achieving people". We focus on the development and training of talent, and strive to create various conditions for talent growth, so as to "retain people with career, development, and culture", and strive to create a high-quality staff team, It provides a reliable talent guarantee for the development of enterprises.



Everyone hopes to receive respect from others and recognition of their own value. As long as employees create value for the enterprise, General-purpose technology Group Dalian Machine Tool Co., Ltd. will affirm its value, which is the core of management of General-purpose technology Group Dalian Machine Tool Co., Ltd. Talents need to be respected by enterprises, as we are well aware that the path of talent growth is full of thorns and thorns. We understand the great ambition of talents to spread their wings and achieve great success; We respect knowledge and more respect talents who use what we have learned to create wealth for enterprises, the country, and society in order to realize their own value; We value talents and place greater emphasis on creating an environment for them to showcase their talents and fully unleash their potential.

Creating wealth with talents and repaying talents with wealth is an important manifestation of General-purpose technology Group Dalian Machine Tool Co., Ltd.'s respect for knowledge, talents, labor and creation. The purpose is to let knowledgeable and capable people give full play to their intelligence. While creating economic benefits for the enterprise, the enterprise gives them the economic returns they deserve, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of talents, Promote the common growth of enterprises and individuals.

We can provide a superior development platform for the growth of talents: we have established incentive mechanisms for the healthy and positive development of talents, and we have a comprehensive human resource management system for international development; We have more opportunities for outstanding talents to study abroad; Our company has a beautiful vision, allowing talents to thrive in a brilliant career; Of course, more importantly, we have the greatest wealth of General-purpose technology Group Dalian Machine Tool Co., Ltd.


Great causes make great people, and our cause is one of the greatest causes of humanity. Our company has infinite and vast development space, and we, as the leader of China's equipment manufacturing industry, are making great strides towards internationalization. We 'pursue harmonious perfection', there is no 'you' or 'me' here, only 'us'. We aim to integrate with all like-minded talents, gather a huge force, and achieve the common glory of "Dalian Machine Tool" and "us".

General-purpose technology Group Dalian Machine Tool Co., Ltd. adheres to the principle of "respecting people, cultivating people, and achieving people", and under the influence of the enterprise philosophy of "conceivable, we can do things together", encourages every employee to become self reliant, love the factory, be dedicated, forge ahead, and cooperate and contribute, so as to closely unite the hearts of all employees with the enterprise.

Respecting talents, cultivating talents, achieving talents, and rewarding talents with wealth

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